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-Genesis 1:11-12

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lavender Coconut Hot Chocolate | 12 Days of Crunchy Christmas Day 7

While Hot Chocolate isn't exactly the healthiest thing in the world, homemade hot chocolate is certainly MUCH healthier than a big name packet of instant cocoa.  And really, what's Christmas time without a sweet yummy hot drink? 
Packets (big name that is) usually have four big things going against them for me - The biggest being sucralose (artificial sweetener, aka, socially acceptable poison.... ahem, sorry.). I am absolutely refuse to eat anything with artificial sweetener, not only is it awful and makes me sick, it's simply toxic.  The others are corn syrup, hydrogenated oil and artificial flavorings. Aside from that they have a handful of other garblephospatessodiumaluminosilicatesdiglycerides and who knows. 
When I started label reading, I was very sad to give up hot chocolate so Istarted expirimenting. What I now make is so much different than a packet, that it may not be a good place to start if that's what you like, but this stuff is awesomesauce. Of course there are more natural alternatives to swiss and such and I like them, but I have really fallen in love with this kind of cocoa. 
This stuff is like drinking a liquid chocolate bar. It looks like Willy Wonka's chocolate river. If you're not feeling adventurous, you can totally skip the lavender. (I usually drink it without, this was just a fun addition that I thought would be nice to share here) You can even skip the coconut oil. Both are just added yumminess.
What kind of chocolate is definitely up to you, of course the darker you go the healthier it will be. A nice organic dark chocolate bar, chopped or shaved  is ideal for a nice artisan cup of chocolate. If you want something a little more old fashion and homey, go for chocolate chips or a nice simple bar of chocolate. Just don't cheat and use powdered cocoa. 
I use coconut milk because I am sensitive to dairy - milk especially, but really, even if you drink milk, just trust me that coconut is even better. (but yes, you can use cow or even almond milk .)
The lavender part of this recipe was inspired by this blog post, but the basic coconut hot chocolate recipe is my own

Stove Top Hot Chocolate
1-3 Tablespoons Chocolate
6-8 ounces Coconut Milk (I suggest pouring the milk into whatever mug you'll be drinking out of so you don't make too much)
1/2 Teaspoon Organic Coconut Oil (this simply makes the chocolate have a thicker, creamier mouthfeel)
1/4 Teaspoon Organic Dried Lavender buds

These are the instructions for plain hot chocolate. Lavender chocolate instructions will follow. - 
Chop or shave chocolate (you can skip this if you're using chips) and set aside. Heat milk over medium heat in a steel saucepan {I actually use my stainless steel frothing pitcher over my ceramic electric stove top. If you have any other type of stove though, this won't work}, stirring often to avoid scorching. Just before it comes to a boil (it will be steaming like mad and churning a little). Remove from heat and add chocolate (and oil if using) Whisk the milk and chocolate until completely smooth and combined. If your house is as cold as mine, your drink may have cooled a bit by now, so you can return it to the heat for a moment if needed. Pour into a mug and garnish with your choice of indulgence (cough whipped cream/marshmallows cough), or leave plain. 
{Lavender Hot Chocolate
Heat milk and lavender over medium heat and bring to a simmer. Remove from the heat and let lavender steep for 5 minutes. Strain Lavender and return milk to the saucepan.} Follow The instructions above for remaining steps. 

Enjoy while snuggled up in a cozy sweater and watching a christmas movie. Seth and I suggest Polar Express - because really, who doesn't want hot chocolate after watching the Hot Chocolate scene? ('Hot hot hot chocolate. We got it. Hot chocolate. oh oh we got. hot hot....' ahem. ;P)

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SisterlyLove said...

Oooh yum! I made homemade marshmallows a few days ago (skipped the corn syrup and used honey! YUM!) and this will just be the perfect thing to go with them! I never thought of putting coconut oil in it. So yummy and so good for you too!

Mm.. Tomorrow. Sometime I'd love to try the lavender too when we have some in the house! Have you ever tried lavender essential oil in it?