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Monday, April 16, 2012

Herbal Steam for Congestion

Isn't it funny how quickly two weeks passes? I had this post written up right after my last post, but I wanted to hold off posting so all the posts weren't so cramped, then I blinked and it's two weeks later. Craziness. Probably has a lot to do with I have not been inside much lately with all the gardening to do... more on that later though, onto the original post!
During my recent bout of allergies/sinus infection I was detestably congested, like I couldn't even speak I was so congested. I woke up, went through the day, and went to bed with a headache. No fun. I finally found something that helped amazingly, herbal steam. You know in older movies when a person has a cold and they are are sitting there with a boiling kettle by their side and a towel over their head? Yup, that. My mom and dad laughed at me, when they walked into the kitchen with me leaned over the table, towel over my head. I am sure I looked silly, but it HELPED! I was honestly rather skeptical, but it immediately relieved my headache and my congestion was considerably helped. Before I did my first steam I felt like death warmed over, I could barely see or think. 15 minutes later I actually had a clear head and felt so much better. I repeated my steam that night before bed and got a peaceful sleep.

Chamomile is wonderful for soothing aches, fevers, reducing stress and anxiety, and an excellent decongestant and also helps with seasonal allergies.

All I used was 2 tablespoons each chamomile and lavender (both organic) and boiled filtered water. I put the herbs in a bowl, crushed them to release the oils, covered the bowl with a tea towel added the boiling water keeping the towel over the bowl as much as possible and then ducked under and breathed in the wonderful goodness. After a few minutes it gets rather hot, and you will definitely want to keep a hanky or a box of tissues near at hand and a big glass of water. Remember to stay well hydrated, especially after sweating from the steam. I stayed under for as long as it was hot about 15 minutes. Later I added a bit more boiling water and there was still enough life left in the herbs for another 5 minutes. You might want to do this right before napping or sleeping as it will definitely make you drowsy or at least relaxed.
If suffering from chest pain and congestion add 2 tablespoons of eucalyptus (not suitable for children). Also you can replace the chamomile with sage (not suitable for pregnant mommas)

This is just the way I did my steam but there are many different ways to to an herbal steam. Mountain Rose Herbs has an excellent video on their Youtube channel hosted by Learningherbs.com

Pictures coming soon!


P.S. Check out my new herbal flickr account http://www.flickr.com/photos/79180574@N08/

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Rebecca said...

Hi Elissa,
I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog! This post was very helpful to me--I wish I'd known/thought to do this 2 weeks ago when I was battling an awful cold.
I also wanted to let you know that I shared the link to this post on my blog's Facebook page.