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-Genesis 1:11-12

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fun and Festive Decor: Clove Oranges | 12 Days of Crunchy Christmas Day 6

Welcome to day 6!
Today's post will be some really simple and easy festive decorations

Also known as pomander balls, Clove Oranges are classic, old fashioned, fun and festive. As a bonus, they also smell heavenly.  The orange will keep for a very long period because the clove acts as a preservative. Although these smell lovely, you can boost their scent even more by rolling them in citrus and clove bud oil before adding the cloves. Mmm! This is a great project to do with kids as well, Little Brother had a ball stabbing the cloves through the orange's skin.

I used clementine cuties because that's what I had on had, but I would definitley reccomend real oranges because they are more fragrant.

For this project You'll need 
Dried Whole Cloves
Essential Oils {optional}
I used Orange, Tangerine & Clove Bud Essential Oils
Roll your oranges to release Natural Oils
Drop essential oils onto a paper plate and roll oranges in oil.
I used waxed paper to avoid getting the oils all over my hands. 

Pierce orange skin with the long end of the cloves in whatever pattern you want

Tie a red ribbon around them to serve as a
door hanger or hanging decoration. 

Thanks for reading!

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