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-Genesis 1:11-12

Friday, December 20, 2013

Aromatherapy for stress and anxiety | 12 Days of Crunchy Christmas Day 8

I was going to completely skip today, but I decided in the end to try and squeeze a quick little post in. That's why there are not pictures. Sorry it's not much.
Though the holidays are lovely and so much fun, it can also be a bit stressful at times.
I would certainly suggest taking full advantage of the therapeutic qualities of essential oils to help you during stressful times.

I ran up north today right after lunch to grab a few quick last minute things like gift cards and to get some groceries.    Seven hours later I got home.

Number 1 tips to help stress - don't leave the house from now until after Christmas if you live anywhere near a big city like Philly. You're welcome.
 5 days before Christmas is not the time to pop out to run some errands. Lesson Learned.

I am now rather tense and exhausted, but I think I would be a basket case if it weren't for essential oils. I had the foresight to pop a couple of drops of lavender on a bit of paper towel to take with me in the car. I suffer from a bit of anxiety with driving (which is rather odd, because in general I am not at all a fearful or anxious person. No other kind of fears that I can think of). Though since I've had to drive in east coast traffic, I'm almost completely over it. I do try to take precautions against an attack of anxiety though, if I know traffic will be bad or I'll be in a situation that will make me anxious (driving somewhere i haven't personally driven yet usually is a trigger for me).
I am so thankful I did. Though I was frustrated that it took me so long to to just a few things I was not troubled with any anxiety. I enjoyed the scent of lavender and jammed out to Christmas Music.

All that to say, Lavender is my first choice when dealing with stress or tension, or anxiety, among it's myriad other uses, it's relaxing and soothing. If you're feeling down or angry or depressed, Tangerine is my choice, my favorite quality of Tangerine is that it is cheering, it even just smells cheerful. I always think of Tangerine of being the Tigger of Essential Oils. Give it a try. If you're sleepy, drained, or foggy-brained, Peppermint is the way to go, it is energizing, uplifting and can help you focus and give you a clear mind. My other favorite is Grapefruit, this one is also cheering, and antidepressant. Chamomile is also a good choice. I personally haven't used chamomile EO more than once or twice (I actually made a blend right before I did this post, but I didn't like it as much) but in theory it's an excellent choice.

Blends of these essential oils are even better than singles. Right now I have Lavender and Grapefruit sitting next to me and it is wonderful. My mom just walked in and commented on how nice it smells.

Blend suggestions - I'm not going to give drop ratios, as I really feel they need to be fitted to the situation IE if you're exhausted and anxious, go for more peppermint than lavender. Diffuse these or just do what I did and pop them on a paper towel or a hanky so you can take them with you.

Lavender Peppermint (shocked aren't you?)
Especially for anxious and stressful situations like driving, the simultaneous effects of soothing and energizing is wonderful. I was so sleepy all evening I really wished I had added Peppermint to the lavender (though I did take advantage of the tester EOs while I was at Whole Foods and felt better after a whiff or two of peppermint ;)

Lavender Grapefruit
Need a bit of a massage and pep talk from your oils? This is it.
Can't you already see the difference in tone of this post from the first sentence to now? I've been breathing this in for the past 20 minutes. Point proved.

Tangerine and Grapefruit 
If you're feeling a bit down. The Sunshine and Tigger of Essential Oils. Add Lemon, Lime and Orange for Summer and Laughter and Giggles and Amazingness.

That's it for today everyone, hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with something a bit more festive.


Livia Rachelle said...

Do you have more suggestions and blends. I HATE the scent of lavendar. I own some because it anti so many microbes; I need to make some cleaning recipes and stop using regular cleaners, but I cannot use it for anything else. I also find peppermint too strong and chamomile a bit odd smelling. If I diffuse the essential oils (pleasanter ones, lavender won't do under any circumstances) will the anti-stress part still work? I don't have allergies or anything; I just really don't like most scents, even natural ones. I would like something soothing for every now and then and I have my own stock of essential oils sitting ignored in my room.

Robert Wilson said...

Thanks for your suggestion. These valuable tips to get rid of our anxiety and panic attacks.

Elissa Pickle said...

@Livia Rachelle Yes, you might feel a bit frustrated on my blog if you don't like lavender - I'll keep that in mind for future posts - but for now Try diffusing Grapefruit and Tangerine. Geranium is also great (though I pretty much hate Geranium, it's like roses attacking you. haha) But head on over to this post http://crunchyconcosmetics.blogspot.com/2011/06/natural-home-care.html
for some suggestions on natural cleaners. Use whatever essential oils you do like for cleaners - though Lemon and Tea Tree are my top choices for cleaning purposes because of their properties for disinfecting, antimicrobial, antifungal and all that good stuff.