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-Genesis 1:11-12

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Essential Oil Blend | 12 Days of Crunchy Christmas Day 9

Again, nothing too fancy today, but perhaps just a bit more festive. I have found this blog series to be much more of a challenge than I anticipated. Being a student of herbal medicine, I discovered that beyond body care and remedies, I am not very creative when it comes to my use of herbs and essential oils. This has been a great challenge for me.
Today I'm going to share a special Christmas essential oil blend I came up with today. I was inspired by the celebrations section of my favorite Essential Oil book "The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy" By Valerie Ann Worwood,  My goal was something woodsy, though when I did end up creating one, I decided it needed more depth, so the winner was a perfect simple blend of sweet, spicy and woodsy (though technically it's herbal not woodsy. Details.).  I actually don't have any woodsy EO's because my dad is allergic to pretty much every kind of heavily fragrant tree (like pine, cedar etc), so though we can't avoid trees all together, I don't use them in my scented things. So I had to settle with what I had which is tea tree, ravensara, and rosemary. I ended up choosing rosemary.

In the book mentioned above she lists Christmas Essential Oils, separated by type as
Cinnamon, Clove and Bay
Mandarin Orange and Tangerine
Pine and Cedarwood
Frankincense and Myrrh

Do experiment with combinations of these (and your own choices if you feel like these aren't enough!). I would absolutely love to hear if you come up with your own Christmas blend.  I didn't have any cinnamon, which is absolutely my next EO purchase. I need it to make thieves! I actually prefer cinnamon to clove, but without it, I went with clove. Mandarin is another I don't have, so I went with orange.
I will now leave you all with my blend recipe, and wish you a lovely evening and a very happy start to the last week of Advent!

Elissa's Christmas Essential Oil Blend
5 Drops Organic Sweet Orange
2 -3 drops Organic Clove Bud
1 drop Organic Rosemary

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