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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Juice Beauty Lip Gloss Product Review |My "Holy Grail" products {Part 1}

This post was going to be a whole post of "Holy Grail" Products but as I wrote more about the lipglosses, I decided just to do a full blown review, and make this  holy grail products thing a blog series. Enjoy!

"Holy Grail" Products is a phrase used by Natural Beauty Bloggers/youtubers to describe the products they couldn't live without and are absolutely 100% amazing, with no cons to speak of, and are every bit as good if not better than their conventional counterparts. Unfortunately, when you  use completely natural products, sometimes you have to compromise, saying, well, the ingredients are great, I'll just use it until I find something better I guess". Holy Grail products are the ones we don't have to compromise on.

I'm going to start off with the best first, my all time favorite natural beauty product that is the best I have ever found, regardless of conventional or natural.

This is the best lip gloss EVER. And you will never convince me otherwise.
The formula is so amazing, not gloopy or sticky or gross feeling. It's smooth, silky, nourishing, and pigmented! I love a gloss that is pigmented enough to wear without lipstick. The taste and smell of this stuff is awesome too. It smells like pink lemonade and has a pleasant lightly sweet taste.

This is the perfect product in every way, it's organic, the ingredients are impeccable, the formula is magic, the pigmentation is amazing for a gloss, it's moisturizing and nourishing (honestly, better than most lip balms), it tastes and smells good, and it actually stays quite well, for being a gloss.
The only con I guess I could list is that is it pricey. I received the whole set of four for Christmas and my mom got them on sale, but ordinarily they retail for about $15 apiece, but I will say, they are absolutely  worth the splurge.
If I had to recommend just one of the colors, it would be guava. It's the most pigmented of the four, and my personal favorite. It's a nice muted brick red and just a light amount of shimmer. Fig would be the runner up, it's as pigmented and is a gorgeous peachy/ginger. Champagne, as amazing if you are not into much color, because completely nude and neutral, so perfect for just moisture on the lips. Pink would be last in my personal list of re-purchasing potential, just because I would personally reach for the other three color-wise before the pink, but it's still just as amazing at the other three if the color is perfect for you!

I have extremely sensitive lips, even a lot of organic lip balms and shimmers irritate them so I am so happy to have a holy grail lip color.

The only caution I would give you is, if you have any food/fruit/seed allergies, read the ingredients carefully, as the majority of the ingredients are fruit seed oils.

I've also swatched them for you on my hand, my arm and my lips. I hope you all enjoyed this review, and let me know if you've tried these, and what you think, and which  color you would end up using if you tried these!
I've added quite a few swatch pictures, just so you can see them at different angles and lighting.

Top to bottom: Champagne| Pink| Fig| Gauva 

Left to Right: Gauva| Fig| Pink| Champagne
Top to Bottom: Left to Right: Gauva| Fig| Pink| Champagne
(On my screen, this one is the most accurate color depiction)
(sorry for the mess in the background)

Left to Right Left to Right: Gauva| Fig| Pink| Champagne






P.S. I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Juice Beauty in any way. Just a disclaimer ;)

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