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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

{updated}Holiday Organic Mineral Makeup Tutorial | 12 Days of Crunchy Christmas Day 12

First published on Christmas Eve.
So.... I was a little optimistic when promising a double post... Sorry :/
 I can't even get my one post up for real. A video tutorial is coming, but I haven't had a minute today to edit so, for now, pictures and a written tutorial.  I really am sorry, but I hope you understand with it being Christmas and all!
{UPDATE} I am going to go ahead and forgo the video, the lighting was really horrible after trying to edit it, so I'll try again some time soon. For now, I've updated the instructions to be a little clearer. I hope you all Enjoyed My little blog series, and I hope you'll come back again after the new year for more posts!

Merry Christmas!!

Retro Inspired Neutral Holiday Makeup Tutorial 
Neutral Cat Eye with dark Lip.
My personal choices with {}
I purchase my favorite makeup here:

1. Start off my cleansing your face and applying a nice moisterizer. I did a nice honey and yogurt facial, showered and moisturized with whipped coconut oil and honey. Apply plain lip balm.

2. Apply foundation or concealer as desired. I actually don't wear foundation, I prefer to cleanse  and freshen my skin really well  before doing a nice makeup look. (see step 1 for my choices) and apply a dab of shadow or concealer for problem spots.
{sand dune shadow as concealer by Willow Tree Minerals}

3. Apply warm pink blush {Earth Glow blush by Willow Tree Minerals}to apples of cheeks, and sweep upwards towards temple in a C motion to create a natural flush

4. Apply a pale shimmery gold shadow{Praline Shadow by Willow Tree Minerals} to lids (wet brush for lids for a more dramatic look),  3.5 highlight with this color or a lighter one under brows, inner corners of eyes, and on top of cheek bones.

5. Apply a darker copper or gold shade{Treasured Bronze shadow by Willow Tree Minerals} to crease in and bring in to a side V shape onto lid. (Wet brush for a more dramatic look)

6. While lids dry (if using a wet brush) apply a tinted balm in a plum shade {Red Dahlia by Burt's Bees}
7. Apply black or dark brown mascara to upper lashes, and focus on the outer corners for that vintage look {Cocoa Canyon by Willow Tree Minerals}

8. lightly line lower lashes in brown, {Roasted Coffee by Willow Tree Minerals} extend line a little up onto top to aid the cat eye look. Lining the lower lashes in brown rather than black softens the look.

9. Darkly and fairly heavily apply black liner{Purely Onyx by Willow Tree Minerals}to upper lids and flick out at outer edges for a vintage cat eye look. To get a nice flicked eye, I smudge the pencil along my lashes to give them a fuller appearence then a I pull a smooth thin line and match up with the flick I created with the lower liner. After I've gotten the line right I go over it more thickly. I like a super thick line most of the time, but do whatever you like!
Also, for a flicked look I prefer liquid, but since I'm almost out, I did pencil and went over the line with a bit of liquid black {Nightfall by Willow Tree Minerals} to set look.

8. Apply a plummy red lipstick or balm {I like to mix Cherry and Plum by Burt's Bees}
to lips in your natural lip line. This is a more matte lip, but definitely go over the top with a nice dark shimmer gloss if you prefer.

This before lip color was added,
so refer  to previous picture for a more accurate lip look. 

 If you wear glass you will want to apply eye makeup much heavier than you normally would


SisterlyLove said...

Ooh! So beautiful!

Merry Christmas!

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